Sea Salt Grapefruit Mini Scented Candle and Reed Diffuser Duo


Set includes: one 5 oz. candle, one 2.5 fl. oz. reed diffuser
Bright and citrusy, Sea Salt Grapefruit balances the tang of sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit with a fresh dewdrop accord and sweet tarragon.
Candle product weight: 5 oz; reed diffuser: 2.5 fl. oz.
Candle: 25-35 hour burn time; reed diffuser: 1-2 months
Both the scented candle and reed diffuser come in a luxurious gold glass vessel for a festive yet sophisticated look.
Candle dimensions: 3.25″D x 2.75″H; reed diffuser: 3.75″D x 2.25″H
The first time you light your candle, let it burn until the pool of melted wax reaches the edge of the glass. Always place a burning candle on a flat, heat-resistant surface.
Before each subsequent burn, trim the wick(s) to around ¼-inch for an optimal burn, keeping wick trimmings out of the wax.
Flip the reeds weekly or as desired to intensify fragrance diffusion.
WARNING: Always burn candle within sight and place candle away from curtains or other flammable materials. Position on a flat heat-resistant surface.
WARNING: Keep candle away from children and pets.
Woman owned
Candle: soy wax/essential oil/perfume-grade oil; reed diffuser: essential oil/perfume-grade oil; rattan
Made in USA