Crushed Candy Cane Candle Collection


Holiday with a twist! Welcome to Santa’s village, where the snap of crisp peppermint intertwines with the warm buttery scent of freshly baked cookies in hand-painted vessels. Simulating the mouthwatering and minty aroma of crushed candy canes, this Voluspa candle collection evokes the delicious and decadent spirit of childhood holidays. The fragrant candles feature notes of crisp peppermint and the warm buttery scent of Fresh Baked Cookies.

Fragrance notes: crisp peppermint and warm buttery scent of fresh-baked cookies
Classic Candle, ~40 Hours; 3 Wick Tin Candle, ~40 Hours; Large Jar Candle with Lid, ~100 Hours; 3 Wick Hearth Candle, ~80 Hours; 5 Wick Hearth Candle, ~250 Hours
Clean-burning coconut wax blend and 100% natural wicks
Free of sulfates, phlalates, pesticides & parabens
WARNING: Always burn candle within sight and place candle away from curtains or other flammable materials. Position on a flat heat-resistant surface.
WARNING: Keep candle away from children and pets.
Trim wicks to 1/4″ with each burn. Place candle on a heat resistant surface or candle tray. Allow wax to melt to the candle’s edge every burn to prevent tunneling. Use a wick snuffer to extinguish a candle without soot or smoke.
Items sold separately.