Producers Swap Meet


The Music Room

327 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30312

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The Music Room is an underground music venue with a full stage, prime sound and DJs representing music from the best elements from around the world













Travel and Parking:
You may catch the number 3 Marta bus or Green Line Mart a train to The Music Room
Public on-street parking along Edgewood Ave (free on Sundays) and paid parking lot is available across the street





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Producers Swap Meet touches Music Producers and Connoisseurs worldwide live at the event and online.  We share great symbiotic relationships with our sponsors.

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Producers Swap Meet Rules

If you need to talk to someone or ask a question that not covered here email or call 404-487-8330.

How Many Rounds are there in the Producers Swap Meet Beat Battle?
There is now only 1 Battle per producer with 3 rounds in that battle. So you battle 1 person and it's the best out of 3 beats.








How Many Minutes Do We Have To Play Beats in Each Round?
You have 60 seconds per beat.








How are the battles judged?
2 producers are called to the stage to compete with one another.  The Rounds are judged by our Music Industry Judging Panel.








Our Judges are instructed to base their decisions on how the beat is mixed, arranged and it's overall feel. In the event that our judges unanimously decide that neither producer has played a beat that they would vote for, they can initiate the Double Elimination rule which would disqualify both producers.


Can I rechallenge my opponent if I lose?
Yes if you lose the judges vote you may rechallenge your opponent on the spot. In order to rechallenge them you or someone from the crowd (a sponsor) must put up an offer of $20 to rechallenge the winner.  The rechallenge will be judged by our industry judges. 1 beat 60 seconds.
If the winner wins again he/she keeps their spot and the $20.  If the challenger wins then they get the spot and keep the $20.  The initial winner may rechallenge if they lose.  They must put up $20 too inorder to rechallenge.  You can only rechallenge 1x in a round.
How Should I Bring My Music?
You can bring your music on CD, Flash Drive and or mobile device.  If you bring a CD we advise that you bring a backup.








How many Beats do I need to bring?
We suggest that you come with no less that 6 beats.  Based on the number of rounds and beats that can be possibly played in each the number would equal 3 beats plus the possibility of 2 rechallenges .  So the more beats you have the better.








What Time Should I Get There and How Much Does it cost for someone to just watch?
If you don't pre register online we suggest that you come at 6pm to register for the battle.  By pre registering you guarantee your slot and it cost less.








General Admission for spectators is $5 in advance online and $10 at the door.